Was Your Personal Information Leaked? Online Privacy Lawsuits

  • November 17, 2022
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Lawyers want to talk to people who saw films on a few different websites, including those that offer news, streaming services, medical information, and more. It’s likely that these people’s privacy rights were infringed, and as a result, they may be due thousands of dollars.

How Was It Possible That My Privacy Rights Were Infringed?

The websites named below are under investigation to see whether they broke the law by giving third parties access to users’ video viewing history without their permission.

Which Websites Are Under Investigation? 

Individuals who watched films on any of the following websites would be welcome to speak with attorneys:

  • AKC.com
  • Allure.com
  • Aveeno.com
  • BleacherReport.com
  • BusinessInsider.com
  • Covergirl.com
  • Curious.com
  • EatingWell.com
  • Fandom.com
  • Fearless.li
  • Forbes.com
  • Fortune.com
  • Gaia.com
  • GoNoodle.com
  • GuideDoc.tv
  • Healthline.com
  • Kocowa.com
  • KTLA.com
  • MaryKay.com
  • Military.com
  • Nature.com
  • Newsday.com
  • PerezHilton.com
  • QuestDiagnostics.com
  • Reuters.com
  • SeattleTimes.com
  • TheGuardian.com
  • Traxxas.com
  • Univision.com
  • USAToday.com
  • USNews.com
  • Viki.com
  • Willow.tv
  • Wistia.com

What Help Might a Class Action Lawsuit Provide?

Class action lawsuits may give customers the chance to recoup up to $2,500 for any alleged infractions if they are filed and are successful. Additionally, it might compel the website being sued to alter its practices regarding data collection and sharing.

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